Short-Term Storage: The Perfect Solution for These Three Common Problems

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One of the benefits of using self-storage is the ability to rent a unit for a short amount of time. Most facilities offer month-to-month leasing options, and this feature allows you to rent the unit for as short as a one-month period. If there is a storage facility in your area, you may at some point in your life need to utilize these services. Renting a storage unit for a month or two can solve a lot of common problems in life. Here are some of the reasons people rent storage units for short amounts of time. Remodeling Projects When a family decides to remodel their home, they will probably want the project to go quickly simply because remodeling is a messy event that can disrupt the home life of a family. To make the project go faster, the contractor might suggest removing all the belongings in the home that might possibly be in the way of the contractors that are completing the work. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have extra space in their homes for storing stuff like this. Renting a storage unit for a short term would be a great solution to this problem. The family could move their things to the unit to free up space in their home, and the remodeling contractors would probably be able to get the job done very quickly. College Students Home for the Summer Short-term storage is also a great solution for times when college students come home for the summer. When a college student finishes a year at school and returns home, he or she may have to evacuate the housing unit where he or she was living. In this situation, the student will need a place to store these belongings until the fall semester of school starts. With a month-to-month lease of a storage unit, this student would not have to burden his or her family by bringing all this stuff into the home. Moving Another reason people use short-term storage is to help them stay organized during a move. Moving is a huge ordeal that can take time and effort, and without proper planning, it can leave a family very disorganized. With a storage unit, moving can be a lot easier. People who are moving can use the storage unit for several different reasons. Early packing – A good option when moving is starting to pack at an early point in time. By doing this, a family can get prepared sooner, which will help them stay organized. They can use the storage unit as a place to put the things they have already packed, and this will create less work on moving day. Garage-sale things – Some people also rent a storage shed for storing things they want to get rid of when moving. If they do not have time to have the garage sale before they move, they can easily do it afterwards, and everything they want to sell will be in the storage unit. This will make things easier for the sale and the move. Downsizing – Another reason people use storage units when moving is when they are downsizing. If a couple is moving to a smaller house and wants to give their things to their children, they may decide to place...

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Furniture In Self Storage

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A self-storage unit can be a great place to store the furniture that you don’t have room for at home. Whether you’re in-between houses, holding on to furniture for your kids when they move out, or storing inherited furniture until you can sell or donate it, a storage unit can give you the extra space that you need. However, you’ll need to take steps to make sure that your furniture is as safe as possible while in your storage unit. Take a look at some tips that can help ensure that your furniture comes out of storage looking just the way that it did when it went in. Preparation Your first step is to get the storage unit ready for your furniture. Take the time to inspect the unit thoroughly before you move anything in. Make sure that the unit is free of dust and debris. Look for holes or drafts under the door that could allow water or pests to get into the unit. You will want to have any holes patched before you move anything into the unit. Weatherstripping the storage unit’s door can help seal up any drafts below the door. Once the unit is fully sealed, you’re still not quite ready to move things in. First, bring in pallets so that your furniture can rest slightly above floor level. This way your furniture won’t be resting on the floor, and in the event of a flood, your furniture is more likely to remain dry. You can choose from either wood or plastic pallets. Wood pallets are less expensive, but they’re also prone to pest infestation and can contain splinters, rusty nails, and other things that may damage furniture. Plastic pallets cost more, but they’re smooth and sturdy and unlikely to bring in pests. Moving In When you’re preparing to move your furniture into the unit, disassemble as much of it as possible first. This will save space. Not all furniture can be broken down into pieces, but much of it can, especially tables, bookshelves, and cabinets. Make sure that you group all of the pieces of a particular furniture item together, and put the screws, nuts, and bolts into a labeled, zipped plastic bag and attach it to the furniture that it belongs with. Wrap your furniture in large sheets of sturdy plastic wrap – you can find rolls of it available in any packing and shipping store. Use quilts or blankets as padding for sharp corners, or to protect fragile pieces, like glass table tops. Place the larger and heavier items directly on the pallets, and then you can stack lighter items on top of the heavier items. If you’re driving a moving truck to the storage unit, you may want to load the heaviest items last so that they’re the first things that you take out of the back. Insurance No matter how careful you are, you can’t plan for every possible eventuality. That’s why you need to make sure that the items in your storage unit are insured against theft, fire, flooding, or other damage. Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may provide coverage for the things that you have in storage. However, it’s important to check and make sure that your insurance company does provide off-premises coverage. If so, make sure that...

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2 High-Tech Self Storage Trends That You Might Love

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When you start shopping for a self storage unit, cleanliness and price might be the top two factors on your mind. However, as you rent, things like convenience, security, and customer service might matter a little more. Fortunately, technology has exploded within the world of self storage, making it easier than ever to rent and maintain your unit. Here are two high-tech self storage trends you might love, and why you should look for a state-of-the-art facility: 1: Automated Unit Door Systems Automation isn’t just for your home. Believe it or not, some self storage facilities now use fully-automated access gates and unit door systems, so that they can keep your unit safe and sound. Here are a few benefits automated unit door systems offer: Matches Tenant to Unit: Unlike traditional security systems, which essentially grant access at the door and then give tenants free rein of the facility, automated systems match access gate codes to the security codes on the actual unit doors. If a tenant gets in through the front gate and then attempts to open a door that isn’t theirs, the system will notify managers of a potential security breach.  Improved Access: Storage managers overlock units when their owners become delinquent on their rent, which can be inconvenient. If you pay off your balance after the office has closed, you might have to wait until morning to gain access to your unit. However, some automation systems are designed to automatically unlock when units are paid, so that you don’t have to wait even longer to gain access to your belongings. Gives You Access to Reports: Automation systems continuously track access points, user key codes, and security breaches. Because of this, you might be able to gain access to handy reports. For example, you might be able to ask the front office when the last time your unit was accessed, so that you can determine whether or not you are using your unit enough to warrant the monthly rent.  Before you rent a storage unit, ask facility managers how well the automation system works. If they report problems or offer troubleshooting tips, keep shopping until you find a facility without lots of issues. Not every automation system is created equally, and some are more reliable than others. 2: On-Site Customer Kiosks Wouldn’t it be nice if there was always someone in the storage office ready to help you? Although it might not be plausible for a company to ask an on-site manager to work overnight shifts, some facilities have found success by installing on-site customer kiosks. In fact, self storage kiosk sales increased 53 percent between 2013 and 2014. These kiosks can help storage customers to perform a wide range of tasks, including filling out new move-in paperwork, making payments, reporting maintenance issues, and updating gate codes. In addition to making it easier to conduct business—regardless of the time of day—self storage kiosks can also help you to stay on top of your customer responsibilities. For example, you might be able to swing by after work to fill out that vacating form or to report that new leak that you found in your storage unit. If you are worried about criminals using on-site kiosks to alter your storage agreement, you shouldn’t be. Some systems even use face-to-face video...

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6 Dollar Store Items That Can Help Manage & Organize A Storage Unit

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Renting a storage unit from a company like North Star Mini Storage provides you with a lot of space to keep items, boxes, and supplies. Instead of spending all your budget on extra supplies for the unit, you can get the items that you need by visiting a dollar discount store. These type of stores provide plenty of items for self storage units. By knowing what to look for, you can easily have everything you need to properly manage the storage unit and keep it organized. Check out the list of six essential items that can be found at a majority of dollar discount stores. Labels Trying to find something specific in a storage unit full of items can lead to hours of searching. Picking up a pack of labels for just a dollar will make your storage unit a lot more organized. When searching for labels, look for packs with multiple colors. The different colors can be categorized for easy access. For example, a yellow label can indicate kitchen items while a pink label can indicate electronics. Along with the color coding, markers can add extra details on the labels so you know more of what’s inside. Locks A heavy duty lock is recommended for the door of your storage unit, but there are plenty of cheaper locks that you can use on the inside for added security. For example, small locks from a dollar store can help keep cabinets, bike chains, and chests secured. It can also help protect small collections. For example, if you have a tackle box filled with special fishing items, then you can use a lock to keep the tackle box closed. Lighting Even during the bright daylight, it can be hard to navigate and see through your storage unit. Instead of struggling to see in the dark, a few dollar store lights will make navigation more simple. If your unit has outlets then you can purchase night lights from a dollar store. Additional lighting options include flashlights, glow sticks, or small LED key chain lights. It’s a good idea to leave the extra lights in the unit to use each time you access it. Winter Gear Depending on the type of unit that you rent, it can get extremely cold in the winter. Instead of shivering through your belongings, a few dollar store pick-ups will make the experience much easier to manage. A small basket in the front of your unit can hold these supplies for times when you visit. Ideal items to purchase for the cold weather includes gloves, hand warmers, feet warmers, and ear muffs. Cleaning Products If a spill or accident occurs in your storage unit, then you may not have the supplies to properly clean it. Dollar stores have plenty of quality cleaning supplies so you can have them available for use in the unit. This includes small brooms, cleaning liquids, polishing spray, and wash cloths. Keep the supplies in your car or your unit to have them available as needed. It’s also a good idea to have some garbage bags for any trash you may accumulate. Emergency Supplies Your storage unit is a great access point in case of an emergency or extended power outage. Dollar stores have a lot of supplies that you can cheaply stock...

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