6 Dollar Store Items That Can Help Manage & Organize A Storage Unit

31 July 2015
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Renting a storage unit from a company like North Star Mini Storage provides you with a lot of space to keep items, boxes, and supplies. Instead of spending all your budget on extra supplies for the unit, you can get the items that you need by visiting a dollar discount store. These type of stores provide plenty of items for self storage units. By knowing what to look for, you can easily have everything you need to properly manage the storage unit and keep it organized.

Check out the list of six essential items that can be found at a majority of dollar discount stores.


Trying to find something specific in a storage unit full of items can lead to hours of searching. Picking up a pack of labels for just a dollar will make your storage unit a lot more organized. When searching for labels, look for packs with multiple colors. The different colors can be categorized for easy access. For example, a yellow label can indicate kitchen items while a pink label can indicate electronics. Along with the color coding, markers can add extra details on the labels so you know more of what's inside.


A heavy duty lock is recommended for the door of your storage unit, but there are plenty of cheaper locks that you can use on the inside for added security. For example, small locks from a dollar store can help keep cabinets, bike chains, and chests secured. It can also help protect small collections. For example, if you have a tackle box filled with special fishing items, then you can use a lock to keep the tackle box closed.


Even during the bright daylight, it can be hard to navigate and see through your storage unit. Instead of struggling to see in the dark, a few dollar store lights will make navigation more simple. If your unit has outlets then you can purchase night lights from a dollar store. Additional lighting options include flashlights, glow sticks, or small LED key chain lights. It's a good idea to leave the extra lights in the unit to use each time you access it.

Winter Gear

Depending on the type of unit that you rent, it can get extremely cold in the winter. Instead of shivering through your belongings, a few dollar store pick-ups will make the experience much easier to manage. A small basket in the front of your unit can hold these supplies for times when you visit. Ideal items to purchase for the cold weather includes gloves, hand warmers, feet warmers, and ear muffs.

Cleaning Products

If a spill or accident occurs in your storage unit, then you may not have the supplies to properly clean it. Dollar stores have plenty of quality cleaning supplies so you can have them available for use in the unit. This includes small brooms, cleaning liquids, polishing spray, and wash cloths. Keep the supplies in your car or your unit to have them available as needed. It's also a good idea to have some garbage bags for any trash you may accumulate.

Emergency Supplies

Your storage unit is a great access point in case of an emergency or extended power outage. Dollar stores have a lot of supplies that you can cheaply stock up on and keep inside the unit. This includes packs of water, canned goods, and disposable batteries. All you need is one bin available for these supplies. It can be kept in your storage unit as a safety precaution. Even though it likely won't get used, knowing that the supplies are there is a good thing. Consider additional extra items like candles, matches, and disposable eating items to consume the food with.

One trip to a dollar store can provide you everything you need to properly manage your storage unit. The money saved will also help in the long run.