Short-Term Storage: The Perfect Solution for These Three Common Problems

26 September 2016
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One of the benefits of using self-storage is the ability to rent a unit for a short amount of time. Most facilities offer month-to-month leasing options, and this feature allows you to rent the unit for as short as a one-month period. If there is a storage facility in your area, you may at some point in your life need to utilize these services. Renting a storage unit for a month or two can solve a lot of common problems in life. Here are some of the reasons people rent storage units for short amounts of time.

Remodeling Projects

When a family decides to remodel their home, they will probably want the project to go quickly simply because remodeling is a messy event that can disrupt the home life of a family. To make the project go faster, the contractor might suggest removing all the belongings in the home that might possibly be in the way of the contractors that are completing the work. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have extra space in their homes for storing stuff like this.

Renting a storage unit for a short term would be a great solution to this problem. The family could move their things to the unit to free up space in their home, and the remodeling contractors would probably be able to get the job done very quickly.

College Students Home for the Summer

Short-term storage is also a great solution for times when college students come home for the summer. When a college student finishes a year at school and returns home, he or she may have to evacuate the housing unit where he or she was living. In this situation, the student will need a place to store these belongings until the fall semester of school starts. With a month-to-month lease of a storage unit, this student would not have to burden his or her family by bringing all this stuff into the home.


Another reason people use short-term storage is to help them stay organized during a move. Moving is a huge ordeal that can take time and effort, and without proper planning, it can leave a family very disorganized. With a storage unit, moving can be a lot easier. People who are moving can use the storage unit for several different reasons.

  • Early packing – A good option when moving is starting to pack at an early point in time. By doing this, a family can get prepared sooner, which will help them stay organized. They can use the storage unit as a place to put the things they have already packed, and this will create less work on moving day.
  • Garage-sale things – Some people also rent a storage shed for storing things they want to get rid of when moving. If they do not have time to have the garage sale before they move, they can easily do it afterwards, and everything they want to sell will be in the storage unit. This will make things easier for the sale and the move.
  • Downsizing – Another reason people use storage units when moving is when they are downsizing. If a couple is moving to a smaller house and wants to give their things to their children, they may decide to place the stuff in a storage unit until their kids can come to their city to look through the things.
  • Relocations – People can also benefit from short-term storage when they are relocating and have not found a home to buy yet. If they have to rent an apartment for a short amount of time while they shop for a home, a storage unit is the perfect solution.

There are so many different reasons short-term storage rental is useful. If you have the need for a unit for a short amount of time, contact a facility that offers storage-unit rentals in your area, such as Glenbrook Self Storage.