How to Prevent Odors in Your RV When It's Being Stored

6 March 2017
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Storing your RV in an RV storage unit can be a great way to ensure that it's safe, secure, and out of the way while you aren't using it. However, when you do get ready to hit the road with it again, you probably want to make sure that it's in optimal condition. For example, the last thing that you probably want is to have to deal with unpleasant odors when you're ready to head out on a road trip. Unfortunately, odors can pop up while your RV is in storage, but following these tips can help prevent them. 

Clean Out the Refrigerator

One common oversight that can cause your RV to smell really bad after a season of storage is forgetting to clean out the refrigerator. Even condiments and other similar items can start to smell when they are left in a stored motor home for weeks or months at a time, so make sure that you take everything out of the refrigerator. Wipe it out thoroughly to get rid of any food spills. Once it's dry, sprinkle in a little bit of baking soda to help prevent odors. Also, leave the refrigerator door propped open so that it can air out.

Scrub Interior Surfaces

When you're regularly using your motor home, you might not notice any minor odors. However, when your motor home sits for a long period of time, even minor odors can become a whole lot more serious. Before putting your RV in storage, take the time to thoroughly scrub all of the interior surfaces clean. Not only will this help prevent odors, but it will also make it possible for you to find any problems with your RV that you might not have otherwise noticed. You and your family will be greeted by a sparkly clean RV when you are ready to start traveling again.

Let a Little Air In

If your RV sits closed up tight while it's being stored, it might start to smell. If it's going to be in covered storage, cracking the windows can help let it air out just a little bit. Installing vent covers on the top of your RV can also make it possible for the air to circulate a little bit, which can help prevent odors and mold and mildew growth.

As you can see, you aren't destined to dealing with a smelly motor home when you take your RV out of storage. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that it stays smelling nice and clean. For additional information, talk to a storage facility near you.