Need To Store Your Car? 3 Ways

23 February 2018
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If you need to store your car for a period of time because you will not be using it, you want to make sure your vehicle and its contents are secure and safe. Before storing your car, you need to take all personal belongings out of your vehicle, clean the inside, and secure the inside of your car.

Take Out All Personal Belongings

You should not keep your personal belongings in your car when you put it in car storage. Generally, your insurance will cover your vehicle if it is damaged, but will not cover your personal belongings. Plus, you don't want to put your personal belongings as risk by keeping them stored inside of your vehicle.

Get rid of all visible personal belongings in your vehicle. If you do want or need to keep any personal belongings in your vehicle, you should store them inside of the trunk of your vehicle where they cannot be seen. This is the securest place to keep your personal belongings.

Clean The Inside

Before you put your car in storage, you are going to want to clean the inside of your car. After you empty your car of personal belongings, take your car to a car wash that has vacuum cleaners, and use the vacuum cleaners to clean your vehicle.

Take your floor mats out and vacuum your floor mats and vacuum under your floor mats as well. Be sure to vacuum the cracks in between your seats as well, and don't forget about your trunk. 

Crumbs or spills in your car, sitting for a couple months in a car where the air is not circulating, could give your vehicle a bad stench. Keep your vehicle smelling good by vacuuming it before you put it in storage. You may want to put a fresh air freshener in your vehicle as well.

Secure The Inside & Outside Of Your Vehicle

If you have a portable GPS system, take it out of your vehicle. If you have any chargers for devices, take those out as well. If you have an open trunk, put a blanket over the trunk space so people can't see what is in your trunk.

Put up a sun protector on your front and rear windshields; this will make it harder for someone to look into your vehicle. You may want to put a lock on your wheel as well. 

Put a cover on your vehicle and on your tires to protect them as well. 

Cleaning up your vehicle, removing personal belongings, and covering things up is a great way to protect your vehicle while it is in storage.