Tips For Efficiently Packing Your Mobile Storage Container

3 April 2018
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If you are moving across the country and your mobile storage container is arriving soon, then you need to make some plans about how you will load your belongings into it. Since the container will bounce around in transit and your items may shift around a bit, it is important you load it in such a way to minimize movement and potential damage. To this end, here are some tips to help you effectively pack your mobile storage container when it arrives.

Tip: Load the Mobile Storage Container for Maximum Stability

When you load your mobile storage container, it is very important that the weight is evenly distributed. Not only is it important the container is evenly weighted from the front to the back, but it is also important that it is balanced from right to left. 

A container that is improperly balanced is a danger to the loading and unloading crew, and it is also a danger for the truck driver who is hauling it across the country for you.

For maximum stability, you should place your heaviest items in the center of the container, from the back to the front. Fill in all the way around them with your lighter or less bulky items.

Tip: Use the Right Tools for the Job

If you have ever watched a group of professional movers pack a home and load it into a truck in mere hours, then you would have noticed that they do not use very many specialized tools or equipment. They do use good quality boxes, and they use the following:

  • rope and tie downs
  • furniture pads
  • a utility dolly

You can quickly cover large furniture items and then use rope or tie downs to secure the covers. You can also use the rope to secure things to the hooks inside the storage container. And, a utility dolly is an easy way to move heavy items and save your back.

Tip: Buy the Right Storage Boxes for the Items You are Transporting

Finally, rather than trying to save a few dollars and recycle boxes from your local supermarket, instead, buy some moving and storage boxes from your mobile storage container company and use them for all of your belongings. The moving boxes will be similar sizes and will pack better into the container, and they will be a lot more stable. Also, you can purchase specialty wardrobe or china boxes that are designed to keep your clothing and dishes safe during transport and storage. 

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