Upgrade To A State-Of-The-Art Storage Unit With The Following Features

2 August 2019
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Having a dated storage unit can be frustrating since it can often leave your items in worse condition than when you put them in. Instead of choosing the cheapest storage unit that is quite old, it's important to check out exactly which features can make a big difference in keeping your storage unit easy to use and free of some common issues.

If you're just beginning to check out more state-of-the-art storage facilities, consider the following features that can help make using your storage unit so much easier.

Touchpad Entry

Fumbling with the typical lock and key can be time-consuming and requires you to have a spare key on hand. Instead of struggling with this kind of entry, it's a good idea to look for more modern storage facilities that offer touchpad entry. Having a code that you enter can make getting into the storage unit much quicker and can be a secure way to protect your belongings inside the storage unit.

Adjustable Climate Control

Keeping your items safe inside the storage unit also has a lot to do with considering the temperature inside. Being able to adjust the climate control can help you feel good about keeping your belongings in good shape and avoiding issues due to the contents getting too hot or cold throughout the year.

While many storage facilities offer climate control, not all of them allow you to adjust the temperature yourself, making this a modern feature that you might want when checking out different storage facilities. This way, you can keep an eye on the exact temperature and adjust as needed for what you're putting into storage. This can be so useful for sensitive items such as photographs and artwork. Make sure that you find a heated storage unit with climate control.

Interior Lighting

While some storage units don't have any lighting, others could have lights that can make it easy to get into your storage unit and see your things properly. With the right interior lighting, you'll be able to keep the inside of the unit more organized without an issue. Taking a look at some of the storage facilities and asking for tours of the units can help you find a good match for understanding exactly what's in storage and how easy the storage unit will be to use.

Taking a look at all of your options for storage facilities and the units inside can help you narrow down your options and avoid choosing a unit that will feel dated right away.