Store It Or Let It Go: Tips To Help You Decide Whether To Sell Or Store Furniture When Moving

5 December 2017
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If you are moving in with a roommate or downgrading to a smaller home for a short period of time, you may have furniture that you need to decide what to do with. In some instances, you know that you love the furniture or it has sentimental value and you want to keep it. But in other cases, you may be unsure whether you are better off selling it or paying to store it. Read More 

Four Steps To Take To Keep Your Self Storage Unit Clean This Summer

28 June 2017
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If you store some of your belongings in a storage unit, summer is a great time to go, inspect it, and make sure that everything is clean and that all of your belongings are safe. Here are four steps you should take to clean and ensure that your belongings are safe. #1 Pull Out Your Belongings If you have the space and manpower, start by pulling your belongings out of the storage unit. Read More 

Two Reasons Why You Should Get A Carport

22 May 2017
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If you own a vehicle, you understand how important it is to keep it in good condition. Besides a house, your automobile is likely one of the largest investments you've ever made.  Because of this, it's vital that you maintain it to the best of your ability.  While you might make it a point to keep the vehicle on schedule as it pertains to routine maintenance, there's something else that can be extremely helpful as well: getting a carport. Read More 

Organizing Your Storage Unit: When You Need To Get Items Out Of Storage Throughout The Year

6 May 2017
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When you need to place the majority of your belongings in storage for any reason, it helps to keep your storage unit organized. If you know that you are going to be visiting your unit often to get items that you need, it becomes important to know where everything in your unit is. As you consider your self storage needs, look for a unit that is larger than what you might need in order to have room to walk around. Read More 

When Your Belongings Will Be Stored A Year Or More: Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Storage Unit

22 March 2017
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If you are living with friends or family temporarily while a new home is being built, you'll likely have to have most of your belongings in storage while you wait. Whenever you are living somewhere temporary, how you pack your self storage unit can be lifesaving. When you know that your items are going to be packed away for the next twelve months, some careful planning can make a big difference in your life. Read More